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How to Format the Work Experience Section of Your CV

The Work Experience section on your CV is arguably the most important section.

With little time to review the hundreds of CVs they receive, employers and recruiters may skip right to looking at this section first. So you need to make sure that it’s clear and concise. In this competitive jobs market you need to instantly stand out as being capable and successful – someone they will want to call in for an interview.

Our top formatting tips make it easy for a recruiter to find the key information they need. Try them today!

§ Head the section ‘CAREER HISTORY’, ‘CAREER ACHIEVEMENTS’ or ‘WORK EXPERIENCE’ etc. (The word career tends to suit those with a longer work history.)

§ List your roles in reverse chronological order (working back from your most recent).

§ Only go back ten years and then summarise any jobs you had more than ten years ago.

§ As we read from left to right, place the most important information to the left hand side of the page. This is usually your job title, but it could be the company name. Choose which is more relevant to the job you’re applying for.

§ Highlight your job titles and/or company names in bold font one or one/two points larger than the rest of your text.

§ Put employment dates way over to the right hand side of the page, as they’re less important. Month and year is adequate and you could even just add the year if you need to hide any gaps.

§ If you need to clarify what your role/s entailed summarise key duties in a one sentence description below the job title heading i.e. “Responsible for: ......”

§ Then bullet point your achievements below your job title and responsibilities. 3 to 7 bullet points are ideal for each job you’ve had, depending on how long you were in the role.

§ Make sure to add a small line space between each piece of information and bullet point – much as we have here. And in this way you help each sentence to stand out more clearly.

Why not try these tips today and then send us your CV for a FREE review!

Good luck!

Team GTJ.

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