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How to Prepare for an Interview at Short Notice...

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

It's not uncommon these days, in volatile employment times, to be called in for an interview at very short notice - often just 24 hours. Sometimes that can be a blessing though, as it means you don't have several days to stress out about it all. Follow our checklist for 'power prepping' below, which covers the core basics, and in just a couple of hours you'll be well prepared and feeling confident!

** It may sound obvious, but, as an absolute minimum, read through the job ad, the job description and the personnel specification thoroughly (if provided). Keep a mental note of the core skills and qualities they're looking for.

** As you’re reading these documents make a note of any questions that you’d like to clarify in the interview (keep them in a note book – take it with you).

** Do some background research on the company. Read any relevant sections on their website and scroll through their social media channels.

** Re-read your cover letter and CV to jog your memory on exactly what you sent them! It might have been a few weeks ago and you don’t want to get caught out.

** Make a list of all of the positive attributes that you highlighted to them and that they’re looking for, then try to remember a time when you demonstrated these qualities. It’s very common to be asked for examples in an interview.

** When time is really short to prepare – at the absolute least know why you want the job, what YOU can do for THEM, what your strengths are and what are your weaknesses are.

** Check how to get to the interview, plan to leave in plenty of time, choose a smart outfit to wear and have an early night!


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