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How to Present Your Work Experience on Your CV...

The Work Experience section on your CV is arguably the most important section of it.

With little time to review the hundreds of CVs that land on their desks, employers and recruiters may skip right to looking at this section of your CV first. The information needs to be easy to find, easy to read and relevant.

§ Head the section ‘CAREER HISTORY’, ‘CAREER ACHIEVEMENTS’ or ‘WORK EXPERIENCE’ etc – the word career tends to suit those with a longer work history.

§ List your roles working back from your most recent one.

§ Only go back ten years and then summarise any jobs you had more than ten years ago.

§ As we read from left to right, place the most important information to the left hand side of the page (either your job title or company name if it was a prestigious company and if relevant to the role you’re applying for.)

§ Put dates way over to the right hand side of the page. They’re far less important.

§ Highlight job titles and/or company names either in bold font or one/two points larger than the rest of your text.

§ If you need to clarify what your role entailed summarise key duties in a one sentence description below your job titles i.e. “Responsible for: ..........”

§ Then bullet point your achievements below. Three to seven bullet points are ideal for each job you’ve had, depending on how long you were in the role.

§ Add some white space between each bullet point – this always makes any text easier to read.

End note: One of the biggest formatting mistakes that we commonly see is people listing all of the dates on the left hand side of the page in a column and indenting before they start writing about their actual work experience and achievements. This is a terrible waste of space when space is at a premium! Plus, because we read from left to right, a reader’s eye is naturally drawn to completely irrelevant information – i.e. one big long column of dates. We strongly recommend that you do not use a template with this date-led layout. The advice we have given here is proven to work and will gain you a significant advantage in securing job interviews.

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